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1921:    born in Diekirch

June 1941 - Mar. 1942:    imprisoned in a labour camp of the Vichy regime

Mar. 1942 - May 1942:   escapes to England

Mar. 1944:     joins a French unit within the British Army

June 1944:    takes part in the Normandy landing (F) and in front line combat missions

Nov. 1944:    fighting in the Netherlands (Walcheren Island and later Schouwen Island)

The three friends in an internment camp for foreign workers in Puy-l’Evêque. (Front row: Félix Peters, Antoine Neven. Back row right: Jean Neven)

With his brother Jean and his friend Félix Peters, Antoine Neven set off for unoccupied France in June 1941. After being held in a camp for a long time, they managed to escape to England. There, the trio joined a commando unit of the Free French Forces (“Kieffer Commando”). Antoine and his unit landed in France on 6 June 1944. His friend Félix was killed on 17 June 1944 in the fighting around Amfreville (F). His brother Jean was killed on 2 November 1944 in the battle of Walcheren (NL). Antoine survived the heavy fighting and was released from active combat duty at the front on 11 January 1945. He returned to Diekirch at Christmas 1945, the only survivor of the trio of friends.

Coupé de son commando, a fait preuve des plus belles qualités de courage et d’initiative au cours d’une mission difficile sous le bombardement ennemi près de Breville, le 16 juillet 1944. 

Ordre de la Division, certificate, 25 Feb. 1945

Antoine Neven received numerous awards for his war service

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